An SMS service provider provides the SMS gateway, which subscribers can use to send SMS messages to. A SMS reseller is someone who buys bulk SMS messages from wireless operators to get a low price per SMS. These SMS messages can then be sold at a lower price to customers. They are not a mobile network operator, but rather a business providing SMS messaging services. There are many things to take into consideration when selecting an SMS service-provider.


Cost of service is the most important. According to the payment method that customers expect, SMS service providers may be split into two groups. There are two types: SMS based and credit based. In the first, customers purchase credits from the provider. You pay by the number SMS sent, and the cost depends on the location. Bulk SMS messages can be purchased, and they are sent at the same cost regardless of where they are going.

When calculating the cost of a service, it is important that you find out whether there are any hidden charges or fees. Some providers don’t disclose all fees in their pricing pages. You might find that if a sms api service seems cheap, you will be required to pay an additional fee.


It is important to determine if there are any purchase restrictions for the SMS gateway service provider. You might be required to purchase a certain number of credits per month for some services. A service provider that does not require you to purchase a minimum amount of credits is better for someone just starting out. As your business grows, you have the ability to buy more.

Shelf life

Sometimes, SMS gateway providers will make it compulsory for customers to use credit within a specified time. You can’t use SMS messages after this period as they will have expired. For small businesses and newly started companies, such restrictions can be too restrictive.

Network coverage

Choose a gateway service provider who can deliver messages directly to your target destination. You need to test your network coverage. Some providers offer limited free messages that allow you to test it.

Quality of the network:

While some SMS service providers may offer very low-cost services, the quality of their networks is not good. Sometimes, messages are not delivered to their destinations in time. Avoid such a service provider.

You have several payment options

Online payment is available for most SMS service providers. Some providers also accept PayPal payments. It is important that you are informed about the payment options available.

Manage your account:

Your SMS service provider must offer a web-based management platform that allows you access your usage quickly, efficiently, and easily. It must also be user-friendly. It should offer exceptional customer support whenever and wherever you need it.